These Gummy Bears Are A Real Pest!


Lady Morrigan

Romanian / Texas, USA
5:33 min - Oct 09 - .MP4 - 269.74 MB


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*Custom Clip*: Ok, so this time these bratty gummy bears managed to mess up everything in my friend's apartment, while he was in holiday. The lady who took care in his absence of his things just couldn't make them go away... the bears were pretty amused and told her that her teeth are edgeless! So, I think it's time to intervene and apply a correction to those cheeky creatures...a very sharp correction...You can see close-ups of my frontal teeth, and me biting and chewing gummy bears. * 1920x1080; 5:33 min * This clip includes elements of: TEETH FETISH, MOUTH FETISH, GUMMY BEARS, CHEWING, EATING, VORE, FOOD