Fairy Fantasy

324 5.0


324 5.0
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LoneRogue Oct 27 2016
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A very erotic and intimate experience. Its starts out light-hearted and innocent which adds to the sensuality. Watching Picnic pleasure herself is an immense pleasure. Her body is phenomenal as are her reactions of pleasure

TulsaRick deleted Oct 13 2016
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A perfect fantasy cum show!

Deep within the enchanted forest lives a redheaded fairy named Paisley. Follow the right path, and you will find her dancing and frolicking through the woods, giggling and blowing bubbles. Paisley is a frisky little fairy, always looking for a playmate. Should you stumble upon her in the enchanted forest, you will surely be seduced by her playful, flirtatious nature...and if she beckons you to join her by the lake, you must follow! Paisley loves to pleasure herself in the sunlight by the water, but she especially loves being watched. Legend has it that her pussy is adorably fuzzy, and gets quite creamy while playing with her favorite toys