Big Cum Facial for Teen Girlfriend

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Japanese / @littlesubgirlm
622 4.9
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ilovelove - Top reviewer Mar 2 2017
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zalioe Jan 19 2016
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I bought this video because it was cheap at the time, the slow motion actually got me cracking up some times. I highly recommend buying something at a higher price from her.

Grek_earl Jan 14 2016
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she is so beautiful and the video to

loveitsomuch - Top reviewer Nov 1 2015
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Really amazing and sexy!!!

It gets pretty hot here in my room, so had to get cooled down with a nice facial on my face and tits. The "cum" slowly dripping from the cock and squirting on my face. (with slow motion effect. Includes: Asian, Japanese, Chinese, young, petite, 18 & 19 yrs old, wet and messy, facial, massive facial, cum swallowers, virtual sex, teen, slow motion, blowjobs, cum on tits, cum play