Alice in Cumland


Lillian Isley

American / Gotham City
9:28 min - Oct 12 - .WMV - 212.34 MB


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A huge mirror appears before you and when you gaze into it an image of Alice starts to form but there's more you notice she's in her room by herself and that she can't see or hear you. The longer you stare the more she starts to show first she takes off her panties then she plays with her clit before long her boobs are out and she's got not one but two toys she's using to pleasure herself with ending in a puddle of cum. I somewhat strip, play with my clit, whimper, moan, scream, use my Hitachi and my glass dildo and swear (a lot). *Warning this video has a filter that mimics the warbling of a mirror so be careful if you are prone to motion sickness*