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Hold That Thought Handjob

735 5.0

Nikki Sequoia

American / Las Vegas
735 5.0
7:20 min - Oct 12 - .MP4 - 1.19 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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raidsalu deleted - Top reviewer Jun 21 2017
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HJNHJN - Top reviewer Aug 11 2016
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Super hot video. Handjobs are one of my favourite things and I know a good one when I see it.

Nikki starts off like a Dom, ordering him to whip it out. Then as the video progresses, she falls into more of a sub who's just eagerly awaiting her guy's load.
I love the eagerness she has to get him off. When she first starts jerking and he starts to get rock hard, she says, "there ya go...", in her sexy voice with a huge grin on her face.

I love one particular technique she does when stroking. Her arm and forearm are practically motionless while she just speedily jerks with the wrists, concentrating on the shaft, while slightly hitting the ridge of his swollen head. Very minimalist looking but it feels amazing.

She also strips and you get to see her sexy body and a glimpse of her sexy butt. When she spins around her man said, "Damn..." at the exact same moment I did.

Bob wanted a Handy this morning so I gave him one.... Damn roomie comes home right as I get super excited for Bob to cum so we have to hide in the corner for him to blast on my chest!! I really need a door for my bedroom.. Haha