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Freebie Tuesday

girlfriend experience

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112 5.0
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evilbetty Aug 28 2016
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This girl will make you desperately want her to be your girlfriend.

georgedorn99 Jun 28 2016
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Very well done. Besides being fucking beautiful, her "acting" as the girlfriend was about as genuine as you could expect from a video like this. I would have liked a bit more eye contact throughout the masturbation scene, but that's my personal style. I wouldn't call it a criticism of the vid. Baby Metal is fucking gorgeous; having her look at the camera and say, "I miss you" is worth the price of the vid right there. But you won't be disappointed by the masturbation either.

diO__Oib Oct 11 2015
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OMG best gf exp vid ever O_O

long distance relationships suck, I made you this video 'cause I miss the frick out of you...every inch of you...I don't want you forgetting about me or looking at other girls, let's cum together like we always do