Stripper Dirty Talk Cum Anal

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366 5.0
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PervyIrv Oct 13 2014

There isn't anything to that bikini, three tiny pieces of fabric! Once again, a classic filthy talking video from you. I'm a true fan and need them all now. That was a pretty big toy you took anally too, I was shocked when I saw that part.

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This is great video. I liked the way she stripped for the camera.

shakenbake44 Apr 15 2017
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Probably my favorite video. I died and went to a heaven where Alanna strips for me 24/7.

Craite deleted - Top reviewer May 16 2016
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Perfect body. I can not stress that enough. She is fit and her ass is amazing. I love the dialogue and outfit. She is gorgeous! I was wondering why this video hasn't gotten a review yet, it's probably because we can't keep our penis out of our hands long enough. Buy this video.

Wearing the tiniest bikini & clear heels I strip and talk dirty to you....then deepthroat and fuck that cock!