Pee For Science In Room and Shower POV!!

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American / Hyrule
3,102 5.0
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stuffystuffy Nov 2 2015
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The bubbly cuteness shines through, even when peeing. This is a truly beautiful video.

multiverse - Top reviewer Oct 16 2015
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for science...... i approve of this =P great video! super sexy!

Man0steel Oct 12 2015
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Long time fan of BabyZelda, and she is always finding new interesting things to do, even peeing :). Cute, sexy vid, the only thing missing is her bubbly cute voice! Maybe some cute dirty talk, or begging to finally relieve herself and this would have been perfect. As always Zelda is sexy to watch and causes endless erections that must be fapped immediately.

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Oct 11 2015
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Pretty hot XD

(HD 1080p) You know.. for science (3rd pee for science vid ~ my most successful naughty vid series!! ^__^)! Vid contains two separate occasions where I really, really, really had to pee baldy!! o.o On both days I hadn't peed for hours and drank lots of tea, coffee, and water! XD In the first scene I crouch over a biiig clear bowl with legs on either side of it and pussy spread. I let the pee fly and see how much I can fill the bowl! ^___^ On the next day I pee in the shower! So fun to just let the pee get everywhere including down my legs! XD
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