facesitting BJ sex

120 4.5

Krista Jay

American / Texas!
120 4.5
8:55 min - Oct 11 2015 - .MP4 - 117.97 MB


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FamousModels deleted Jul 11 2016

hey lets collaborate in video togather!!

derekwiedenheft Jun 19 2016

Hot as fuck, he is lucky.

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Really love seeing you take a pounding

MrClutch84 deleted Jan 19 2016
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- Cam quality needs to improve
- Guy's stamina needs to improve
- Guy's cumshot needs to improve
- Girl is cute w/massive tits

Average rating because of the lack of clarity in the video + the lack of us seeing anything resembling a decent cumshot. Girl was great....guy dragged the score down.

pretty self explanatory. watch me ride my mans face then suck his dick. then fuck me raw and cum on my ass