Little Red Riding Hood Daddy PutDown

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What sort of man sends his own daughter to run his errands? Not only am I NOT built to trek back and forth through the forest, I am in DANGER!The forest is full of wolves, bears, and other hunters. You don't know these men or what intentions they have with your own daughter. My feet get so very tired hiking in leather boots all day... not to mention sweaty and smelly. Here, take a whiff! Pungent, aren't they? A part of me suspects you send me out all day JUST SO you can enjoy the odor of my feet when I return. I bet you're craving just a little taste... a lick of one sweaty sole, wrapped in tight pantyhose... but you CAN'T! I won'tallow such a bad Daddy to taste my pretty feet. Start running your own errands and I might consider it. You need to earn the privilege of tasting my feet. Ask the other hunters in the forest... they've learned this lesson haha. The ones I sweet-talk into doing my chores... big brawny men who don't send their little girls into the dangerous woods...I allow them to worship my feet. They know what my toes taste like,what it feels like to suck my big toe. You are not one of them. You're a weak man. You are not WORTHY of a princess like me. You can smell, but you MAY NOT taste...