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Freebie Tuesday

My Sweet Revenge



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Hi honey,so as you've asked me,I will film my working day.You gave me this camera,so I will do it for you.I just arrived in the office,is 9 am and I am starting my working day.I am doing computer work until noon,when I have my lunch break.I had my lunch break and now I will do just paper is 5 pm.At this time I finish my working are probably wondering how come I finish the work at this time,but I come home much later :) rememeber how many times,I've asked you to take me shopping,give me more money and so on?And you never have enough money to give me,but someone has more than you,to give me..and you know who's that?That's my boss.He give me presents and money whenever I need it and I have to thank him for that..and at the same time I am taking my revenge.Yes,I am fucking with my boss!I will record it on camera for you to see it :) I hope you like what you see honey :) I hope you like watching how your wife sucking another man's cock,how your wife fucking another man and even taking a huge facial and I hope you enjoy the movie showing my working day.