Bathtub Fun

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American / Portland
679 5.0
7:35 min - Oct 12 2015 - .MP4 - 972.08 MB


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mecho11 - Top reviewer Jun 24
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A very naked little luna moans and gasps her way to a lovely eye-rolling ORGASM. She is totally relaxed now that her tensions have been released!!

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Her Second Video, ah yes, her whole Body getting Wet ;) it beginns again with a sensual touch, but this Time, water all over her sexy curves. She make herself so comfortable, that the only thing that improve this bathtime is an great orgasm. This is where the fun starts. The Magic Wand come again handy after her Hands stroke her hot pussy. One of the hottest part is, when she uses her Wand while she sucking on her purple dildo *-* One of the highlights of that video. Also a Highlight, I would say the best part is, when her eyes-rolling while she is near cum. After a great Orgasm, she take that dildo out, and suck it clean. 4.7 of 5 Stars. I vote 5 Stars

Godspeed888 - Top reviewer Oct 23 2015
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Sexy as hell! Cutest girl on here! Please make more masturbation videos, love! Totally addicted! ♥ xo

I'm feeling a little stress so I'm taking a bath to help relax, but do you know what could be even more relaxing? CUMMING! I start rubbing myself all over and eventually bring in my vibrator and dildo