Custom home wrecker joi gf for Brent


Goddess Green Eyed

American / so cal
7:06 min - Oct 12 - .MP4 - 612.56 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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This was a custom video request from paying fan Brent. His name is used throughout the video. the video idea would be you start by saying how you want me to cheat on my girlfriend with you. you only want me to think about you and orgasm for you. you ask me if I need a little inspiration to help me cheat on her. so you start stripping out of your dress down to your bra and thong. you ask me if my girlfriend has a body like yours. has tits like yours. then you bend over doggy style on a bed. and ask if my girlfriend has an ass like this. you can tell I cant take it anymore and you tell me to whip my dick out and stroke for you and cheat on her while looking at you. you ask me if my girlfriend lets me cum on her ass. then tell me you'll let me shoot a load all over your ass. you love watching me stroke and cheat and you want me to bust a huge nut for your ass tonight. would love it if you were booty shaking slowly throughout the video. nice slow shaking. and maybe reaching back rubbing your ass. then at the end you tell me you want me to shoot a huge load. and count me down from 10 to 1. and I cum all over your ass. you can tell I loved doing that. tell me I did an amazing job for you and that Im a good boy for cheating. tell me you want me to come back and cheat on her all the time. about a 7 minute video. and would love to hear you use my name throughout.