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HD Ankle socks and noshow socks fun



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This is going to be another sock pee clip. I have cute, white no show socks and also a pair of puma ankle socks. I put on the no show and then the ankle socks on top of them. It's a double action. I also need to pee pretty badly so there is no waiting. I will start pissing all over these socks right away. I also accidentally fart on them. My big belly is so heavy that everything gets pushed out. I even need to sneeze from the peeing relief. After that I get the hiccup. This somehow turned into a display of my bodily functions :PWhile having the hiccup, I show you how the thin fabric lets you see my skin through both pairs of socks. You can also see the no-show through the ankle socks. I step through the pee that I collected in the tub. It's a nice puddle. Of course there is no dry spot on any of the socks left. I take off one ankle sock and it's incredible how thin and sexy those wet no-shows are around my toes. I take off the other ankle sock only halve way, so that it hangs loose and baggy on my foot. I splash with it and it's so much fun that I put on the other one in the same way. Now I got ankle socks halfway on top of no-show socks on both sides.After my fun with that I take off the ankle socks and let them lay in the piss. Then I show my soles of the no show socks and run my hand over them. It feels really good. I hope you feel good, too, after watching this ;)
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