Mom pees in the shower why are you here



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Naked and in good shape, I get into the shower. I wash off as usual, then I need to pee (as usual). I bend over and push my butt out, which just happens to be into your direction (lucky you). Then I pee. I also pee sideways and facing you. Like a little 180 degree pee. I pee and pee, as if no one is watching.Then I see you. You startle me! Don't tell daddy anything about this, okay? I just had to pee.. I was wet and could not get to the toilet.. there was no time.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ANYWAYS?If you don't tell daddy about this, I won't tell him that you were here. You are not allowed here when I shower. Well, you can stay for now, but only if you keep quiet about this! You really embarrassed me love.. what a boy you are. Spying on mommy like that.I know that peeing in the shower is not right. I KNOW. I NEVER do that. It was only this one time! So don't argue with me. I am your mother. I think you have a secret as well.. or why are you here, looking at your mom in the shower? Bad boy!