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104 5.0
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Very sexy and sensually.I enter. Two peeled bananas lie there. I peeled them with my feet! If you want to see that as well, ask me about it.So the bananas lie there. Helpless and peeled. I slide my tan pantyhose'd feet out of my black pumps and approach the victims...Slooowly, I crush the bananas. You see this from very close-up. My feet up to my knees are on camera. I moan softly as the pulp sticks to my soles. I show my soles to the camera often. They get more dirty every time. I slide and step on the pieces of what once was a banana. They stick to my toes. To the pantyhose between my toes.I get more powerful and strong in my movements as I crush. Then I use my toes to get in there. Curling my toes up against the floor. When I totally destroyed the bananas with toes and soles, I start crying and peeing. The pee streams down my legs and hits the pulp. After that beautiful scene, I mix the pulp and the pee with my feet, making an even bigger mess...FOOD CRUSH - PEE - CRYING - PANTYHOSE - TOEPLAY - TOES - SOLES - FEET - FOOT DOMINATION - CRUSHING - DIRTY SOLES - WET & MESSY
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