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Do you want to see me in my plastic incontinence pants again? See something really hot and unique? You know I can be very creative when I get naughty and today I am in a naughty mood..I decided to please my PVC and rubber fetish together with my pee fetish today. On top of that we have a bit of desperation and balloon fetish.Can these be combined? Yes. I blow up a balloon inside my plastic pants, then I ride and grind the balloon against my pussy. It pushes onto my bladder as well, but also closes up my pussy tightly. With the rubber tight around my pussy and the PVC on my ass, I want to pee onto the balloon inside my plastic shorts.It's a great piss and the yellow liquid stores up in the pants. Of course some drips out as the balloon stretches the PVC pants so they don't lock in the pee as neatly as usual.Full of pee, I grab the balloon with both hands and massage it. Crazy balloon and wet rubber sounds can be heard. I caress the balloon from outside the PVC pants...A very messy game begins, where I masturbate by rubbing my pussy with the wet balloon inside my pants. I want to make myself cum and go really fast and hard. Then BOOM, the balloon explodes against my pussy.Completely red-faced from the excitement, I can't believe the sensations. I was just getting soo horny. I continue rubbing my bare pussy through the PVC pants until I reach a wonderful orgasm. Oh I needed this one so badly. How about you?