Succubus Wants Your Soul


Lillian Isley

American / Gotham City
12:45 min - Oct 22 - .WMV - 161.21 MB


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You wander into an abandoned house and you come upon a Succubus’ lair, you’re drawn to her. She can sense you what desire most and what you lust for but spending a night with a Succubus comes at a costly price your soul. She tells you she’s going to take your soul after teasing you and driving you to the edge of climax but pull back st the last second. She instructs you to jerk off then she masturbates with you and once she can tell you’re both close to climaxing she counts down so you can cum together and once you cum she instructs you too squeeze out all the cum you can dispense it into your hand and then eat it. Once you’re humiliated she asks if you still want her to take your soul. I dirty talk, have open dialogue throughout, moan, squirm and lick my own cum off my hand