Breaking in Your Coworker

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1,232 5.0
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mauricef - Top reviewer Oct 13 2015
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Lol! I just love your creativity! ... and seeing those boobs bounce around as you simulate getting f***ked, priceless!

Virtual sex) You go into the employee breakroom for your 30 minute lunch. Sitting at one of the tables is your coworker Afiya, she looks really upset and is constantly checking her cellphone. You decide to ask Afiya what's on her mind. Reluctantly she responds " boyfriend wants to have sex tonight, and ....I'm a virgin". "I'm afraid that he'll break up with me if it's not good." Jokingly you say "Well, how about you practice with me?" . Afiya laughs and brushes you off. Until....a few minutes later she asks if you were serious about what you said, and agrees to take you up on your offer but you have to PROMISE not to tell anyone. Here you are with your beautiful virgin coworker asking for you to fuck her on the breakroom table....What do you do
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