Nurse Zelda n Maid River Foreplay Strip!

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American / Hyrule
1,091 5.0
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AndrewCW - Top reviewer Dec 4 2015
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Good old nurse fun XD

1.1 HOURS of Virgin Camgirl First Time Naughtiness (River's 4th time on cam ever & stripping naked in front of a large audience, FIRST time getting hot by taking turns sitting on my hitachi)! Innocence Lost! ^_^ *pervy smile*) I finally corrupt my childhood friend RiverBrooks by getting her to come on cam with me! She's the bookworm girl-next-door-type and she totally rocks those hawt librarian glasses. I tried several times in the past to get her to get naked on cam with me but she was too sweet & demure. This time I finally convince my childhood friend to join the dark side, hehehe! =^__^= In this vid I'm dressed as a Nurse, and she a Maid. We're team hospitality! She gets naked with me & you can see her virginal nervousness! :3 We do lots of playful things, have fun sisterly/school girl banter, play get to know you games, talk about nerdy stuff, strip off those clothes a piece at a time so that I finally get her fully naked and can... *ahem* her! :3 This vid is the foreplay & personality fap stuff! We do makeout, hug, lick, grope, shake ass, strip tease, get naked together, & each speed run cumshow on the hitachi!