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Lesbian Sex with My Friend Selina Kyl

5,747 5.0

Kitten Karlyle

American / Washington, DC
5,747 5.0
19:40 min - Oct 13 - .MOV - 900.53 MB - 1280x720 HD


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wcyanmvwc Dec 8 2015

wow , so hot clip!

Kitten Karlyle Dec 8 2015

Thanks :)

mpatrick02472 Dec 20 2016
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This is one of the hottest, most primal videos I have ever seen. Both women are absolutely gorgeous and are enjoying each other. The look in Kitten's eyes when she is fucking Selina is incredible. The attention and passion shown by Kitten drove me wild. Thank you ladies!

Selina and I talked about fucking for oh... I don't know, about a year?! Until it finally happened :D We eat each other out, finger each other, I sit on her face, and we make each other cum while we scissor with a Hitachi between us. You can see from the intense look in my eyes how happy I was to finally have the opportunity to finger fuck this young, curvy babe!
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