Kristie Bish
Freebie Tuesday




British / ARIZONA
7:23 min - Oct 14 - .WMV - 207.75 MB


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goldie after being stood up at a party comes back to the house with some guys she met at the club...she goes to get some [***] and when she comes into the room again they have vanished!...they have shrunk into tiny people small as ants ,so small she doesn't see them one of which she knocks off the couch into her shoe as she removes to air her tired feet then crushes when she puts back on her shoes under her giant sole!..goldie starts to pace about almost stepping on the other two looking up at her then kneeling down she almost crushes them under her giant thigh,then sitting on the floor she does finally squish them under her big butt so when she gets up you can see them on her butt and removing her shoes as she grabs a drink the one squashed on her sole too!...
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