Mind Control Mom Covered Son 's Cum


Alex Saint XXX

British / London/Tampa
23:01 min - Nov 28 - .MP4 - 2.59 GB - 1920x1080 HD

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Your mother is innocent, affectionate, and everything a good son could ever want. But you were never the type of son to behave by the rules. You've created a mind-control device so devious, it can alter her every behavior to your will. What will you do when suddenly Mommy's voluptuous body is yours for the taking? With a few choice suggestions, her supple hands are working your cock as she licks her full, soft lips. Her big dark eyes make your balls ache with desire to shoot your load all over her face. Will you really do something so shocking and inappropriate as receive an mind-controlled blowjob from your own Mom? It's not like she'll be any the wiser when she wakes up later! Contains the following erotic elements: magic control, taboo, blowjob, tongue fetish, long tongue, milf, dirty talk, hardcore, POV, facial. Starring Larkin Love
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