Fetish Friday

TRAILER - Reality Jerks 5

1:52 min - Nov 28 - .MP4 - 117.85 MB - 1280x720 HD
WE TURN THE TABLES ON OUR HIT REALTY TV SERIES!! WE WENT LOOKING FOR A GUY OFF THE STREET TO LET LAYLA BEAT THE CUM OUT OF HIM!! WE FINALLY FOUND A GUY....AND LAYLA ALMOST FINISHED HIM OFF IN THE VAN BEFORE WE GOT BACK!!! THIS IS PURE GIRL IN CHARGE COCK DRAINING!!!! We decided to "Turn The Tables" in our Hit Reality TV Show. In the past, we had sent our Film Crew out to the streets....looking to find a cute Girl willing to Jerk-Off a Stranger for cash. In this Episode of Reality Jerks....we tried something different. We took our Van out....cruising the local neighbourhoods, with Jerky Girl Layla in the back seat. She was armed with Lube....Paper Towels.....and Her arm was ready to Milk. We were looking for a cute guy, who would agree to let Layla Masturbate him on camera. It was a rainy day, and we weren't having a whole lotta luck....when we saw this guy at a plaza. We approached him....Layla literally jumped out of the van and ran up to him....and She was so enthusiastic, that he couldn't say no....even though he had a Girlfriend. We got him in the Van, headed toward the Studio...but Layla couldn't wait!!! She pulled down his pants as we drove through town and started to Whack him Off!! We had to get Layla to several vehicles gave us "funny" looks!! When we got back to the Studio, Layla finished what She started....She Yanked a Massive Cumblast out of the Stranger!!! His friends will never believe him when he tells them what happened......until they see this!!