Kurvy Kimmie Does A Blowbang



American / Tempe, AZ
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The guys that attend our blowbang, as well as, the guys that view the site have been on my but to get some more curvy full figured women back on the site. Well Kurvy Kimmie fits the bill perfectly! This voluptuous woman had the guys super excited. Some of them came amazingly fast and not only because of her curves and huge natural tits. Kimmie is one fantastic cock sucker and as she says in her interview, she loves sucking dick. That was quite evident at the pace the guys were losing their loads. Not only that, Kimmie both swallows and takes facials from the guys. Taking 6 cum shots and letting the guys play with her fantastic tits was a joy for all involved. I truly believe Kimmie would have enjoyed it if 10 guys were there, she just couldn’t get enough and spent so much time with cock in her mouth she could be barely get a word in LOL! So if you like curvy women with big natural tits that really enjoy cock you will love this BlowBang as Kimmie takes the cum from 6 different guys
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