Extended Unwilling Chastity Lock Up


Kelly Sunshine

American / Minnesota
7:04 min - Oct 15 2015 - .MP4 - 370.96 MB


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Hey babe. I was cleaning the other day and came across a set of these little keys. I've never seen anything they go to, I even looked all around your room searching for their lock but I couldn't find it. I got to wondering what you could possibly be hiding from Me. I did a bit of research and I think I figured it out. I used your laptop to search it up and while I was there I found all these sites on your browser history about "chastity"..? I just can't believe you would go behind My back and do this. But to be honest, now it all makes sense. There have been so many times I've wanted to have sex but I could tell you JUST masturbated and didn't leave anything left for Me. WELL now I'm taking over. I'm taking control of your cock. I've got your keys hidden "somewhere" and you're going to have to prove you deserve them back. You need to understand that dick is MY property I get to decide what happens with it.