Ivy Adams
Freebie Tuesday

Tricking The Ice Queen MP4



American / Fetish Land
14:41 min - Oct 15 2015 - .MP4 - 583.46 MB


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The Ice Queen has captured you. She leans over you with her breasts bulging out over her icy white top, and she tells you that she's impressed with your ability. Still, you're a clumsy fellow and ultimately didn't take her down. She flirts with you for a while, and makes it obvious how lonely she is as a super villain. You listen to her, but you aren't worried about anything. You have a secret weapon. You intentionally got caught and now you're waiting for her to offer you a position as a villain... and she does. After her ranting, you agree to be on her side. However, you want to show your dedication by kissing her feet. Ah, and her greatest fears come true as she gets warm... then hot... and melts away at your feet. You hear her moans as she heats up, and your cock inevitably twitches over her demise.