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Pausanias Jan 6 2016
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This is a video about Nenentl's pleasure and the way it overwhelms her. She uses the speculum to penetrate herself but not to open herself up, and rubs her clit with it in, replacing it with the toy in the still. After establishing where she is and what she's doing, the video alternates between close ups of her face and of her other lips. Her eyes squeeze shut with the intensity of her experiences then open wide and look straight at you through the camera. There are lot's of neat details in this video: Nenetl's sexy latex nurse's uniform has a cute little matching latex pillbox hat, and some of the close ups show her perspiring because of the latex. Then the slap of latex against latex at the end as she pulls her dress back down before walking away. If you like Nenetl this is her performing at her best.

Directed by Nico Bertrand Inspired by latex fetishists and medical fetishists. This solo masturbation clip is 9 minutes long. Watch me insert a speculum into my pussy and jerk off while wearing my favorite rubber nurse dress. This clip ends with me fucking myself on the couch with a glass dildo.