Mouth Fetish Tongue Drool Spit Cum JOI

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Brie White

American / Florida
1,378 5.0
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Voiceless - Top reviewer Jan 9
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I wish I could give this vid even more than 5 stars! Seriously great mouth fetish vid, amazing dirty talk and that long tongue!

Will you please, please cum in my mouth? I want to feel your hot jizz dripping down my chin. I show off my incredibly long tongue, allowing my warm, wet drool to spill out of my parted lips. I talk dirty periodically, begging for your load. I drool buckets in this clip, soaking my tits and throat, before I motion you to a cum countdown. Won't you please coat my pretty face? // THIS CLIP CONTAINS: MOUTH FETISH - DROOL - SPITTING - DIRTY TALK - JERK OFF INSTRUCTION - CUM COUNTDOWN
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