Sit Pop Balloon Race



American / United States
4:14 min - Oct 15 - .MP4 - 210.27 MB


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I was challenged to see how fast I could pop 15 Tuftex 17 inch balloons, and to pop them only by sit popping them. Here's the thing, I want to challenge you as well to see if you can beat my score. Are you up for the challenge? If not, you can always just have fun watching! ;-) I set the timer on my phone so I know exactly how long it takes, then run to each balloon sit popping them as fast as I can. Some of them pop very easily while others just don't want to pop! I say things like, "I think you're beating me!" and "Last one, you better hurry!" I'm out of breath by the time that I'm finished. After the race, I show you my time on my phone, and tell you where you can send your time results to if you would like to share them with me. Note: No edits are done to the video during the race.