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hissam19 Oct 18 2015

I will make custom video with you next thursday make 30 minm i wait you wear same dress

hissam19 Oct 18 2015

Very hot!!!!!!!

edgeaddict - Top reviewer 17h
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Your boobs are hardly contained by that lacey bra.

Hello Tiffany, I would like a JOI video where you control exactly when and how I'm allowed to stroke. Basically, I would like to put you in charge so you can dictate when I can stroke and how fast. Throughout the video i would like you to be somewhat dominant so don't be afraid to boss me around and humiliate me a little (a bit of SPH or CBT perhaps). However I would still like you to really tease me with your body, especially your breasts and your mouth (I am a sucker for red lipstick!). at the end of the video I would like you to count me down and then it's up to you if I am allowed to cum or not ( you could even be a bit mean and make me ruin my orgasm or eat my cum afterwards!) Please call me Charlie throughout the video. Thanks!
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