MUKBANG: chipotle binges

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846 5.0
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So adorable if I had a cutie like Ivy in my life this video will show you how cute and sexy she is ;)

Ever wonder what I do when I’m not filming or camming? Here is your chance. Kelly and I were feeling super lazy today. I had just gotten out of the shower and we decided to order chipotle...on DoorDash of course since we are to fat to wanna go drive and get it. I look a mess and I don’t even care the food is here and we are ready to stuff our faces. Come hangout while we eat, play with our bellies, smoke and I even get fed by kelly til I’m about to POP! TAGS: BBW, SSBBW, blonde, natural breast, fat rolls, blue eyes, thick thighs, armpits, feet, feedee, feederism, cosplay, roleplay, lesbian, fat, fetish, inflatables, smoking, balloons, squashing, sploshing, shower, DD/LG, food, masturbation, anal, toys, fingers, body comparison, belly button, nails, teeth, oral Fixation, blowjobs, shaved, hairy pussy, porcelain, pale, fupa, fat pussy, twerking, dirty talk, overeating, facestuffing, clothes destruction, ignore fetish, thick, chubby, chugging, smoke, cigarettes, fat belly, belly rolls, moan, nipple clamps, cum shot, horny, naughty, school girl, cum slut, femdom, findom, foot job, BDSM, wax play