Roofied By Stripper



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You spend your days and nights alone, but tonight you decided to treat yourself and go out to the strip club. A gorgeous, busty blonde offers you a dance, and being a weak loser who just can't say no. She begins dancing, and suddenly you're feeling really tipsy. You hand over more cash, as you begin to feel even more bombed, seeing double and unable to focus. You've only been here a couple of minutes, someone must have slipped something in your beverage. The dancer continues to tease you and you're aching to see more so you stay and watch. Everything is loopy, but you're so fixated on her. You notice she's laughing at you, and looking down at your pants. She motions with her little pinky at the tiny bulge in your pants. You're completely embarrassed, but can't really do or say anything through the loopiness. She begins to lift up her skirt - Finally, you're going to get a peak of heaven. But then, she pulls it back down, and continues to obviously laugh at you. Your mind is complete mush, she gets closer and pulls the rest of the cash from your pocket, but you're so fucked up and obsessed with her huge tits you can't object. You're so loaded, all you can think of are those perfect tits that you just spent all of your cash on and didn't get to see. She keeps laughing at you and making fun of your tiny dick, when you realize that she's the one who must have doped you - But it's too late, you're completely fucked.