Housewife POV BBC BJ Roleplay

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American / Your Mom
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blueman28 - Top reviewer May 6
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I can't imagine a lot things better than seeing Tegan in nothing but an apron with panties underneath. Add in some epic role play and you got a magnificent video.

You have a super-hard day at work and I can see it when you come home! My black stallion is all worked up and needs to be taken care of, so I drop to my knees in only an apron and some stockings and pull out your huge black cock. I place it against my lips and tell you how I'm going to take care of you. You can see my eyes wide open as my red lips stretch around your thick dick, slowly fucking my throat with it while I moan. Finally, you finish in my mouth and I swirl the cum around my mouth before swallowing your hot load. (Simulated cumshot. Solo vid only)