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(60fps) Oh Daddy, I love my new haircut! They took like, 4 whole inches off or more! That's so much. I really feel so much better now. My hair's so light and soft. Feel it, don't you think so? Thank you so much, Daddy, I feel like a whole new girl! W-wait, what? I really feel.. different... Oh... Daddy! What, my panties are gone! And my boobs.. they really want out of this shirt. Oh Daddy, I'm so horny now. What's gotten into me? What's going on? I just, I need to touch myself, Daddy. Oh please don't make me stop. I can't help myself! This feels soo good. I love rubbing my pussy through these pantyhose! Mm, Daddy, do you want to watch me? I have to thank you for this new me somehow! I want to cum with you. Touch yourself for me and I guarantee you'll make me cum through my nylons! Oh I'm getting so wet...Can you hear that? Video Includes: taboo, subtle transformation fantasy, daddy's girl, pantyhose/stockings, nylon fetish, solo female, masturbation, hair play, hairy pussy, real orgasm, princess leia, princess, leia, porn