Crushing 7 fruit penises with my barefee



Canadian / Quebec/Canada
16:22 min - Oct 16 - .M4V - 575.30 MB


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In this clip I'm crushing 7 fruit penises made out of bananas, tomatoes and oranges. I crush each one of the fruits, mostly with my heels, but also some with my toes or whole feet. While I am crushing your penis I am telling you how I like to stomp your cock and balls. I want to crush you until you get flat as a piece of paper. The juices of the fruits splashes everywhere. I put all the remains together to form a pig pile and I squish your cock and balls even more. At the end there is nothing left of you, only a huge pile of mush. I am wearing black leggings and a purple tshirt. I have size 11 feet and my toenails are painted black.
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