Showing you my dirty panties



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Today I'm gonna show you my dirty panties. You know that it's been 2 weeks since I've cleaned my panties? I've kept all my dirty panties for you. I have so many I don't know which one to show you first! I know how you like them. You like to put your face in them, sniff them, jerk on them. I have a lot to show you today. Are you ready?I bet when you were young you were looking into the laundry bag and you were stealing your mother's and your sister's undies, right? Do you like to cum into woman's panties? Do you prefer to wear them? What do you think? Some are dirtier than the others. Do you like the contrast between my juices and the fabric? Wha't your favorite color of panties? Do you like when the smell is really really strong? Are you afraid that one day your girlfriend will catch you sniffing her undies? Do you get exited by the though of getting caught? You are such a naughty boy! I bet you would beg me just to take a sniff of my undies. Am I torturing you? Do you have your cock in your hand? Do you want to see the panties I'm wearing right now? Now can you cum on my panties for me?