PT4 SchoolGirl Bully EmbarrassingJOI CEI

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zharrison92 deleted Oct 18 2015

this is an amazing video from an amazing goddess truly the best

FLeann deleted Oct 19 2015
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I can't deny that Goddess Kristie humiliate like I never try before. She's so sexy in schoolgirl lingerie that I came a lot during the video. She hypnotize me with her cute smile & her hot body to fill an ice cube with several cum load so when I obey & put it in my mouth, I realized that I never had so much cum to eat. She make me feel very disgraced with this humiliating task. Thank You too for all the slap in my balls that You force me to do, for laughting at my tiny dick & for your middle finger while You order to jerkoff. All the scenario is very degrading to me & my dicklet is hard & wet just when I remerber it. ❤❤❤❤❤

kristiesbitch Feb 21 2016
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This is a brilliant and sexy limit testing vid (for me at least anyway). Goddess Kristie's hair and dress is so beautifully arousing (the bra was also mind blowing). Goddess Kristie's voice is as perfect and dominating as ever.

Jaysus4 - Top reviewer Jan 17
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Sexy video, love it

Kristyspet - Top reviewer Jan 16
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She is wonderful. Thank you Goddess

xdragon185 Jul 1 2016
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Goddess Kristie is so convincing and sexy, you can't help but do everything she says. She will own every part of you.

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