Mouth Fetish Pov

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German / USA
744 5.0
14:23 min - Oct 18 2015 - .MP4 - 1.23 GB


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Apuckerlips Oct 18 2015
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Incredibly sexy video! 1000 times better than I imagined. Mouth fetishers will enjoy this for sure and may not last the full 15 before, you know. :D

Tipnificent - Top reviewer Oct 18 2015
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Mmm I loved it ;) Do you always pop things out of your mouth like that?

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For those who love to watch Serina use one of her best assets, a lovely mouth and gorgeous tongue. for a true mouth and tongue fetishist.

Watch as I suck on a RingPop then chew some Bubblicious ;) Candy everywhere!