Freebie Tuesday

Minnie shouldn't make you hard

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Hello loser, Guess what! I’m going to Disney World, and you’re going to pay for it. Who knew that I could make Minnie Mouse look so sexy? While you sit there, drip and edge, I tease, laugh, deny and continue to $pend your money…. And you’re the one I chose to do that with… Wow, you’re one lucky loser. So this is what you’re going to do… Sneak away like the creep that you are. Buy my video and then press play. Get a really good look because once you shut off your screen, you won’t see my young, hot body again until next time you see another one of my videos. Because unfortunately for you, your wife/gf doesn’t have my body, my face or cute personality… That’s why you continue to give me all the money you could be spending on her! You won’t be able to resist the teasing, tormenting and humiliation.