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Bondage Pee Suit JJ Graves Star Nine HD

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I (Star Nine) have JJ Graves strip nude, revealing his hard cock. he's confused when I give him a spandex unitard and start arm holding while hand gagging. He follows directions after the humiliating Hand Over Mouth domination. Rope bound and ballgagged, precum oozes out and I humiliate his arousal during the on screen tying. I'm scolding as he gag talks but reward him with a hogtied handjob and nylon footjob. I'm cock teasing by pussy grinding to see if he has cock control, but he can't cum on command and fails at orgasm control. Ending the tease and denial games, I leave him to struggle alone, drooling through the big gag. He really needs to go to the bathroom and tries holding in his full bladder. The pressure of hogtie bondage, is too much and he's peeing through the white spandex. Embarrassed at wetting himself, he struggles to escape his bondage and now transparent catsuit. Includes bondage male, cock tease, pee, female domination, gagged men KEYWORDS - desperation pants wetting pants femdom sensual domination male bondage rope bondage struggling ballgagged men ballgagged man following orders men following orders gag talking Mistress tease & denial embarrassment humiliation highly arched male feet handjobs hand jobs pantyhose footjobs pantyhose foot jobs pantyhose/stockings spandex fetish clothing fetish clothes men in catsuits blondes tall woman tall women kink submissive/slave training Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

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