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Boot Bondage Revenge - Lola Fae HD

530 Views · feb 25, 2023
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I'm waiting for Lola Fae to get ready for a night out, but she's admiring her chunky platform boots in the mirror. She copies everything I do and it's annoying! Handgagging her while armholding, it's her turn to be tape bound and helpless! She doesn't struggle as my red nails tear off the duct tape for wrist binding. Cocky as I'm taping legs, she thinks she can escape this bondage tape! Annoyed with her whining, I give a wraparound tapegag and leave her for an escape challenge. She gag talks and is boot stomping during her bondage struggle. She's frustrated that her long nails can't remove the silver tape. I think she's learned her lesson as I'm releasing her from the tape binds and wraparound gag.  KEYWORDS - Star Nine tape bondage tape fetish struggling tapegagged women tape gagged woman gag talking female domination femdom scolding fetish confrontation damsel in distress DID hand over mouth HOM boot fetish jeans fetish clothing fetish clothes shiny fetish shiny clothes petite long fingernails kink blondes tall woman tall women   Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

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