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Candle Boxxx Imprisoned in Tight Bondage

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HIGH DEF. Rigging By Damon Pierce! I'm arresting Candle Boxxx and read her Miranda Rights while putting on handcuffs. In jail, she's been processed in the prisoner uniform of an orange catsuit and strict bondage. The thin rope digs into her flesh with chest bondage, waist bondage, and a cruel crotch rope. Obeying orders for the pat down, she spreads her legs in leg shackles. Sitting on the floor, I want to see her bondage struggling to test the bondage ropes. Microfoam tape gloves are applied to her hands to prevent escape. She starts screaming about being innocent, so I do hand over mouth domination to shut her up. The big black ballgag does a better job than the HOM gagging, and multiple strips of microfoam tape gags shows off her big lips and the big ball gag. It looks good but a wraparound tape gagging looks better. Chaining her in place, I leave her to struggle alone. Her mmphs lessen as she becomes exhausted. When I return she's obedient and docile as I'm massaging the crotch rope against her clit. Removing the tape gag and ballgag, I replace it with mouth packing and a wraparound microfoam gag. She's left in solitary to repent her crimes. Includes bondage, gagged women, prison play, female domination, tapegagged KEYWORDS - Star Nine crotch rope bondage rope damsel in distress DID handcuffs and shackles struggling mouth stuffing mouthpacking humiliation ballgagged women ball gagged woman tapegagged moaning fetish femdom submissive/slave training slut training submissive sluts woman following orders costumes cosplay police uniforms police play shiny fetish clothing fetish clothes shiny clothes shiny clothing MILF blondes tall woman kink Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

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