Have you ever had a crush on your fitness instructor? Is it the tight pants, or the fact that you have a great view of her booty while you're getting your sweat on? Exercising releases endorphins, the same chemical that is released when we are in love, so it's only normal to develop a crush on someone at the gym. So, if your primary motivation for going to the gym is to check out hot women walking around in tight pants with sweat dripping down their chest, you are not alone, the exercise and fitness categories comprise of nearly 1500 videos on ManyVids!

As a yoga teacher, it was only natural for me to incorporate yoga into my cam shows. I had no idea that fitness and yoga was a fetish for so many people. I listened to my viewers and they told me their fantasies. They enjoyed watching my butt in yoga pants and doing different poses naked. They especially enjoyed watching me do the splits and other poses that show off my flexibility. One thing that surprised me was that my viewers wanted me to take my yoga practice a little further by masturbating in yoga poses. While my first videos were mostly naked yoga videos, they quickly evolved to combining yoga and masturbation based on the ideas from my viewers.

Something else I found surprising was how many different custom requests I received based around yoga and stretching. Members ask for different outfits featuring their favorite body part. They want to roleplay as a student in my class or as someone watching from afar. Some want to be teased and some want the fantasy carried through to a climax. Just when I think I have made all of the yoga videos possible, I get a new custom request that I had never thought of before. It only goes to show that the possibilities are endless. 

So MV Stars, if you haven't explored the exercise/fitness category, what are you weighting for? Get off your asana ;)

Nadia Layne Yoga

You look really beautiful in those yoga poses x

Mr duc Nov 10

xin chào layne yoga. Anh rất thích thân hình của em, em rất xinh

Ms Honi Oct 15

This sounds like something ill be interested in! Thank you

Cool article.

Ryumoau Oct 10

I hadn't explored this fetish before but it looks like something i would enjoy. I'll look more into this category. Thanks.

thank you <3

Natrona deleted Oct 9

great article!

Thank you <3

Love this post! Yoga is amazing, I've been thinking about doing fitness customs for a while, but wasn't sure.

Roxi Red
Roxi Red deleted Oct 9


Definitely trying this I spoke to a man who would get cam shows to watch me sweat it was fun great blog thanks for this !! :-D

I have an underarm and foot fetish. So it's mostly a great view for me to begin with.

Dirty Myrtle
Dirty Myrtle deleted Oct 9


Yes i love yoga pants in all sizes for my lady friends

Dirty Myrtle
Dirty Myrtle deleted Oct 9


Love going to the gym!

I can't do yoga to save myself, but this is so cool! What a fantastic fetish.

Thats amazing! I saw you on maygirlz snapchat today and I really admire flexible girls! I would do something like this too but I think I'm a bit out of shape to roleplay a fitness instructor lol

Thank you! Don't forget, yoga teachers and students come in all shapes and sizes. <3

Dirty Myrtle
Dirty Myrtle deleted Oct 9

Size means NOTHING! Get out and do it! 60% of Woman population is Plus Size 16/18 .... I'm a Size 22 and I'm active ... small, medium, large XL double XL etc ... we all can do it! You got this!

Dirty Myrtle
Dirty Myrtle deleted Oct 9


I am not pluz size. I'm "average" But I mean, I'm not Jen selter LOL

Cattie Oct 8

I love that different variations of fitness & exercises are a "fetish". It's beneficial for both models & members. Heh!

Dirty Myrtle
Dirty Myrtle deleted Oct 8

Sharing is Caring! Thanks 🙏 Loves Namaste 🙏 <3


Wonderful that you can do what you luv for others!!  Xoxo

Great write up Nadia (Y))

Thank you <3

We enjoy fitness too and we're thinking of doing a couples naked Yoga vid, this article has inspired us to actually plan it out and film it. Thanks.

Yay. I can't wait to check it out.

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