What The Fetish: Sploshing

Let's splash around this one.

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It's common to see food items or liquids being used in adult content. A model may oil herself up, or pour down chocolate syrup on her body. There are other staples, such as whipped cream. 

However, as adult content goes, there are those that go the distance. 

Introducing, Sploshing. It's a genre where the focus is primarily on getting incredibly messy. They will pour literally all kinds of food on themselves, and the messier it is, the better. 

As usual, we brought in an expert. Here's MessyHot

What is sploshing exactly?

Sploshing for those unfamiliar with the kink is a sub-genre of the wet & messy fetish that focuses on getting messy, primarily with food, and most frequently sweets as opposed to savory foods. Sploshing fans tend to focus on things like whipped cream, custard and pie filling.

Does sploshing often involve sexual aspects or is it really just more about the sploshing itself?

While most people who engage in sploshing sexualize it to some degree or another, there are plenty of people who use it as a way to explore texture and sensations that the various substances can provide. Most of my production centers around cuteness and colors, and each shoot, while starting with a basic concept in mind, is entirely dictated by the model and their comfort levels. Some of the models I work with enjoy sexualizing the shoots and will bring toys or incorporate masturbation into the set, but it’s by no means required for what I shoot. I don’t mind if people do sexualize my work, but for me it’s more about trying to create a unique art piece with every set.

What are the most popular substances in sploshing? Eggs? Milk? Oil? Non-food items?

Pudding, Jello, and whipped cream are definitely among the most popular foods because of their viscosity and mess making potentials. Anything extra sticky is also a go-to such as syrup, honey, or jams and jellies. When it comes to the MessyHot project I focus mainly on cake, pies, frosting, sprinkles, and other things I can create interesting color schemes with. The only thing that is 100% constant across my production is the inclusion of a cake that is sat in by the model to get the scene rolling. Because of this I more or less jokingly refer to what I do as “cake porn” when people ask about my art. I say jokingly because while there is almost always nudity involved, it’s seldom what I would call pornographic. Naughty and slightly sexy, maybe even softcore apply, but with rare exception, it’s not really porn. I do a lot of slow-motion scenes so flying sprinkles, pouring corn syrup, pies to the face, and condensed milk facials are a regular appearance.

What was the most memorable sploshing session you’ve ever experienced?

My most memorable sploshing moment was definitely my shoot with Mayhem, a model from Georgia. I like shooting in zany locations to add character to my productions, and we decided to shoot in an abandoned prison just outside of Atlanta. We were most of the way through the shoot when I heard tires on gravel. I tossed her clothes to her and told her to dress quickly. Just as she finished a significantly older cop, basically straight out of a scooby doo cartoon comes around the corner and asks “what’re you kids doing here?!?!” Needless to say he was quite confused about what was going on. We explained it was a college art project. He asked to go through our things and I consented. We were informed that they thought we were tagging but since we had no spray paint (only cans of frosting hah!) that we would not be arrested and booked, but simply cited for “unauthorized access to an abandoned structure”. The cops were actually so amused with our situation one of them asked if they could take pictures with us because their coworkers would never believe what they’d seen. Of course, this was ON the day of her 18th birthday so they wished her a happy birthday and said she had the most interesting way to consume a birthday cake they’d ever seen.

How do you do the cleanup?

The cleanup is dependent on shooting location. During one of our shoots, Chikkin actually innovated a sort of squeegee by folding a pie tin and using it to scrape off a majority of the mess, and so that’s how we initiate cleanup wherever we are.  If the shoot is indoors, there’s usually a large sheet of 2mil plastic laid out that we make the mess on which can be folded up and discarded. When shooting outdoors, we squeegee first, and then using jugs of water, paper towels, and baby wipes, clean the model the rest of the way off.

What other fetishes does sploshing crossover with?

Sploshing is often crossed over with wet look - the fetishization of fabric and/or hair that appear to be soaked, and clothing ruination.  I’ve actually had several clients ask me to produce videos where the clothing STAYS ON while the models are making the mess.

How do you make a great sploshing vid?

The secret ingredient to a good sploshing video is fun. As long as the people involved appear to be honestly enjoying themselves, you’re on the right path.

What do you think attracts people to sploshing? What aspects of sploshing are most appealing to people?

I’ve actually done a LOT of research on sploshing and the genesis of the fetish, I feel, is in television entertainment encountered while entering sexual maturity. There were shows on Nickelodeon like “You can’t do that on Television” in which actors who would be attractive to an adolescent would be regularly covered in slime or drenched with water, often with reactions of elation and joy. The perennial pie to the face routine has been repeated through popular culture forever, and also finds itself linked to the sploshing interest. Drawing from all of these sources, sploshing manages to be appealing to a wide variety of people for equally varied reasons. To the best of my understanding, the core enjoyment comes from one or more of three basic elements: 1) Exploration of textures and sensations 2) internalized taboo of playing with your food 3) BDSM fans tend to enjoy the humiliation of having a mess made in front of an audience

Thank you very much MessyHot. What are your thoughts? Share your opinions and comments below! 

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I adore @messyhot and LOVED my exp with him!!! <3

So interesting and so fun sounding. And I love that Messy Hot focuses on aesthetics with color coordinating!

This looks like so much fun!

Cleaning up could be yummy if you splosh with complimentary items..hmm. Nice article!

This is cute honestly

Haubgirl Mar 12

I've never done anything like it but I feel like trying! Thank you for the great and constructive post <3

sploshing looks so fun!

Great interview <3

I want to do a more messy splosh - time to take it outside!

Neko67 Mar 10

I don't see why you would exclude savory food from sploshing. People tend to be into either savory or sweet, sometimes both, it's just a matter of personal preference. Cake sitting is a very specific wam activity that I wouldn't include as a staple of sploshing.

I'd be perfect for this cuz I literally can't eat without spilling shit all over myself


I just started Sploshing with a few cake Sitting videos, I’d love to get messier but I hate the cleanup!

Ummmm. I have a new fetish now.

Hmmm, love the colours! Purple and Magenta Icing would go well with my Turquoise dreadlocks!!!

lumlumxx Mar 10

Hell yes! MessyHot is wonderful !!

Sounds super HAWT! :A

I cannot, for the life of me, stop staring at your perfect boobs. OMG! *clears throat* erm, yes sploshing is super fun hehe

Great piece, i was totally there about being caught out in the prison scene...lol
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MessyHot is awesome! They are on the cutting edge of the fetish industry. They have amazing live events and every fetish event should bring them to do their live thing. It's super impressive and really a great show!

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