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On harassment, hate speech, abusive conduct & bullying

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MV Stars and MV Members are part of a thriving sex-positive community. The MV Team requires that everyone within the community voluntarily agrees to abstain from promoting violence and hate against other MV Stars or MV Members on It is our mission to provide a safe, friendly, sexy space for everyone.

ManyVids is opposed to doxxing—the involuntary disclosure of personal information—threats of doxxing, blackmail and impersonation. We fully expect our community members to exhibit mutual respect and basic civility on our platform.

ManyVids also condemns improper online conduct occurring outside the platform, such as on various social media outlets, industry blogs, magazines or other media. We strongly believe in promoting civility in real life and online.

Additionally, we recommend all MV Stars to familiarize themselves with the ManyVids Privacy Checklist for easy, helpful tips on safeguarding your privacy and safety.

MV Team

Pic provided by Eva North

Thank you so much! Here are 2 twitter support groups for victims of cyber harassment and revenge porn! JOIN them in the fight against cyber stalkers, abusers, harassers and bullies! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO RECORD YOU and USE IT AGAINST YOU!  NO ONE for ANY REASON ESPECIALLY OTHER MODELS! @50Silence @TheBADASS_army

Sadly, in the adult industry, bullying is rampant. Jealousy is not pretty.  I hope that this message will hopefully cut down on some of that here on MV.

Ya'll should have felt this way from the start - not piggy back when its convenient and popular to do so after the damage has already been done. My 2 cents.

Thank you! This is how it should be and you’re amazing for promoting mutual respect and professionalism!

I think this kinda stuff should be talked about more often & it's great that you're spreading awareness!  Safety should be a top priority & it's a shame when those who may be unaware end up outing themselves. The internet has exploded over the past decade, & there are lots of new people attracted to streaming / self employment via the internet. They lack technical experience & many simply don't realize just how easy it is to obtain personal information.

Thank you so much and I can name 3 models on here that love doxxing, stalking, harassing, abusing, recording and bullying  other performers. Where do I report them?

DELETE MY ACCOUNT deleted May 16

Are you sure they're still on here?

Yes and I emailed support.

Tpross May 16

There actually a lot of models on here who bully other models. And they don't do anything about it. But made this blog. And also I know of a few  models who left. This blog does nothing. If they don't have someone who steps in

Mrnmisskitty deleted May 16

They don't do anything to the models who bully other models. I'm just a fan here and I reported a girl who harrasrd another girl. She even sent this girl a death theart  and mv  did nothing to the model who was doing it. The other girl quit for the safety of her and hers.

Models do this to other models? Wow. I would have never thought.

I agree

Wonderful MV.  If only the cam sites would follow suit!  Great job and thank you!!!!

Great work MV 😎

Thank you for this MV, as always! <3

I couldn't agree MORE with this...especially disclosing, or threatening to disclose. performers 'real' names! That could be VERY dangerous!

Hear hear. Costs nothing to be polite, and damn if it doesn't make things so much more pleasant.

Joanna K May 16

Well said! :)

There can be a lot of tit for tat at many levels, members trolling models for a rise, other models bitching about each other, I agree this needs to be STOPPED, people will and always have given themselves pleasure at others misfortune, I hope that MV is swift to deal with such behaviour at all levels when reported. My best advice is simply, block and and not let others see they are able to get a rise from you.
There is nowt so irritating as to be ignored, that all attention whether good or bad is at least some attention.. seriously, let things drop below your radar, that it is as important to you as shooing away a pesky fly

thank you for addressing this, it's very important!

sad that we as adults have to be reminded how to act properly towards eachother....
im a bit shocked by the levels some people will stoop to, but then again, i'm really not surprised.

Tpross May 16

I'm going to say it last night she was picking on a different model erotic Eva. Just be nice.

wow lol it's like i knew my name was mentioned..i hope u arent implying that i was the one doing any bullying..bc i certainly wasn't.Not last night(i dont even think i was on last night as I was hosting my own cam show..) or ever..there's a difference between complaining about all the spammers in the chat & insulting/bullying...i didn't zero in on 1 person either...ive said something a few times over the last 6 months or so...the spamming is annoying.But I've NEVER said an actual insult to anyone or anything of a bullying nature. I'll simply post something like "gotta love the spamming"-i dont say anyone's name or target anyone. However, I got totally attacked a few days ago by a model & either her minions or her fake accounts. She crossed the line with insults/bullying, even went to my customers pages to try to make them dislike me.So Tpross, i really hope you just mistyped & meant to put a comma before my name,& that you arent't telling ME to be nice.Because I am.

Tpross May 16

I just have to say this to u and for all the poor models who had to deal with u I know of a few. Cause I bought from them.  But im sure ur mom taught u to not say anything if u cant say something nice. it not ur chat so don't say anything about it.

wtf are you talking about??  "Poor models who have had to deal with me"??  you sound just like the minions posting on my wall a few days ago.  Honestly...what proof do you even have?  NONE.  Because I dont give any models here shit.  I dont talk to anyone outside of the takeover chat, and all I ever say in there is comments about all the spammers.  Or I talk to the performing models etc.  The other night I posted something specifically to the model who, I see from looking at the reviews that you've given, that you are a fan of hers.  So no wonder...I knew she would see it in the chat since she blocked me without ever actually talking to me.  I simply told her to leave me alone or I'd report her....Seriously.  This shit is ridiculous.  And, "It's not my chat so dont say anything about it?"  What is that even supposed to mean? LOL
You type EXACTLY like the other couple of members who harassed me...typos, mistakes, poor grammar...coincidence? ;)

Tpross May 16

It not ur chat. It manyvids and I know u don't own manyvids.  Also you think everyone who types on here who makes. Grammar mistakes is whoever did something to you. Is that how parionad u are.

WOW LOL that's all i can say.  I studied literature and the english language in college lol so yea, when i see typos and grammar mistakes it is's just the educated person in me ;)  It blows me away when I see ADULTS who dont know how to write or speak their own native language.  Im done wasting my time on trolls....I've way better things to do.  This is so immature.

Tpross May 16

You just think your better then other. not greatful for anyone who gave u a tip or bought a video.Witch shows ur ugly side. And that why u get mad.  Have a great night tho.

how the hell do you conclude that im not grateful to anyone who ever tipped me or bought a vid?  you keep going off on all these tangents...cant even stick to one subject.
Dont try to assume you know me AT ALL, thanks

Tpross May 16

Because of what u been saying. Also I think. I do know you. From school or the town newspaper. But I'll keep quiet about all that. Cause my English is no good.

Tpross May 16

I'm not a model never will be but a mv model on here was bullying another mv model.  I never spoke up about it. Cause it sick.  The model who was doing the bullying got nothing done to her. Manyvids let it happen.

nothing huh?  i think they knew who the real trouble starter was....dont insult them.  And duh, dont you think they can see everyone's ip addies when they post or create accounts etc?...or at least have some way of determining whether someone has created and is using multiple fake accounts....give them more credit...

Tpross May 16

I would not know anything about other account. But I hope they can see that.

Tpross May 16

Sorry for actually having a job and not responding to u right away.

um really?? first, sorry that your "job" has you still at work after 10pm on a tues night. 2nd, is that some sort of back-handed comment to try to insult me for being a model on here and a sexworker??  I mean really??  So you're implying that I dont have a "real" job...but you also know NOTHING about me and my life off of the camera, do you?  You sound JUST like her minions who posted on my wall.  WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU EVEN CARE?? She must have some real loyal fans...cant even speak for herself, just has GUYS (?) making CATTY comments and sounding just like women.
And btw,,your comment is the exact type of crap this article could be referring to....

Tpross May 16

Haha. It called working over night to support ur children. I'm going to stop myself there. But you whole attitude is the reason u don't get to many customers or fans. I'm assuming.

well then, i will say one last thing.  I feel sorry for you that you have to work overnights and cant be home with your children. Im not insulting you for your job-the hours just suck....and dont you think that I may be working to support my own children?  But I'm sure you will turn that around somehow and try to insult me because I'm a sex worker.  All you've done is insult me...and yet you complained that I was the one insulting people and being a bully. 
you dont know anything about me or my fans...

BrianaBooty_Del deleted May 16

I've had harrassment from members spamming my wall, spreading rumors, threatening to visit me and do things to my family. People need to remember there is a real, live person behind the screen. Words can be weapons.

<3 I agree

Totally agree. This is fantasy, guys. Role play. Art even! Keep it light. Compassion for one another should be a high priority.

nygayboy May 16

eva north fan!

Thank you MV, much respect! <3

Thank you!

Thank you for speaking out about your thoughts on the situation. I appreciate Manyvid's support and ethics.

manyvids is the best

This can be conflicting when it’s being done outside of many vids. I have a guy that pays me to degrade him in tweets.So I certainly that doesn’t interfere w/me being on this platform. I can see you not wanting it done on the site. But what we do outside of MV should be our biz

It can be a sticky wicket, that one who is involved with concentual power share degredation can be seen to be acting in a bullying manner. I support you 100% and know where you are coming from, I do not agree at all with bullying, but there are fetishes that WANT the lowering of self worth, this is NOT bullying, it is a consensual agreement between two people in a roleplaying sense, and if elsewhere, is really no concern of any other site

Right. & as I said I can see how they don’t want harassment & that on the platform.But mentioning it being done on other platforms is concerning.Like if we are role playing with someone publically on another social network site. Can MV pentalize is for that?If so that’s a bit out of hand.These new laws and rules for sex workers is making it really difficult.

Preach! As a 100% fan of fetish, this needs to be recognized. Just because it looks like a rock, doesn't mean it's a rock. Don't judge a book by it's cover. "Think" b4 you act, MV. I support ya OFP, 100%


BlowBang May 15

Nice post!  I have been involved in adult for 20 years.  My wife is performer and I am producer of many sites and videos.  The trolls online can be horrendous. Trolls come from the consumers and performers.  My #1 piece of advice. NEVER engage a troll.  It's not worth it.


I’m actually really glad I read the Privacy Guide. It’s worth reading!

There is a certain model that has a number of fans that participate in this type of activity. Should we be reporting members?

Tpross May 16

Always report. Screen shot any harrasment or bad talking even lies about one model. And send it to mv.

Baby Bat May 15

<3<3<3<3<3Thank you ManyVids, this platform you guys provide is always awesome and very welcoming to us while new and throughout our stay here. I can't wait to upload new content soon.

Another reason I love MV! 💕

New girl and freaky fetish friendly going to upload my first vids thank you manyvids!

Did you say freaky fetish friendly? I might just have to take a look!

Thank you! Glad you posted this.

I'm glad you're talking about this, even if you aren't mentioning the specific incident. Other adult sites refused to have anything to do with it.

IndigoWhite deleted May 15

Bless MV 🙏🏻 Thank you for being aware enough to stand against illegal activity, when others won’t 💕


Laci Lemondrop
Laci Lemondrop deleted May 15

Thank you for this! <3

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