Bling Bling Winners


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Bling Bling! This week's Winning Wednesday was a beautiful thing!

It's time to wrap it all up and throw some major shine onto our wonderful winners!

Our Best Pic winner (pictured above) is MV Girl Ryland BabyLove! Her mesmerizing pic wins the $50 bonus prize!

In first place and taking home $500 with her gleaming pic is the stunning SmallGirlBigTitties! Congrats!

Image title

Our second place winner is MV Girl Savanah_Rose. She wins $200. Woohoo!

Image title

And our third place Bling Bling Contest winner is Korina Kova. Your pic is perfection! Enjoy your $100!

Image title

Thank you all so much for participating and stay tuned for more fun contests!

- MV Team



Dirty Nathalie
Dirty Nathalie deleted Sep 14


Well done winners :x:x:x:x

Love the best pik

Congratulations ❤️

Suppa Gorgeous 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Well done, the winners look amazing

Congrats Ladies! The pictures are all GORGEOUS! <3

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