I love the great outdoors, and I love being naked, so naturally, I’ve filmed more than my fair share of clips nude in nature. If you’re used to filming indoors, shooting outside can seem overwhelming, so here are some tips to help you get the most out of your first outdoor shoot.

Scout Your Spot:

I like to choose secluded spots with natural beauty easily accessible from public trails, but not so close that someone is going to stumble upon me without warning. I generally plan my outdoor shoots for weekday mornings to minimize the traffic and to avoid the heat of the afternoon. If you aren’t comfortable sharing your location, avoid vistas that highlight local landmarks, or any other identifying features.

Make A Packing List

When you’re filming indoors, it’s easy just to reach into your wardrobe for the right outfit, but when you’re outside, it’s important to make sure you’ve brought everything you need with you. I always bring extra water, snacks, sunscreen or a sunhat, my camera (fully charged and with memory card), my tripod, Bluetooth remote for snapping pictures on my phone, any outfits or toys I need, and screenshots of any custom video orders in case I end up without phone service. It’s also a good idea to pack your valuables in a waterproof bag and bring some rain gear or an extra outfit for yourself!

Sunlight Is Not Your Lighting Kit

Sunlight behaves very differently from artificial light, and that’s why I love it. If you’re super pale like me, it can completely wash you out, so I recommend picking a spot with dappled or filtered sunlight to give yourself an easier time in post-production and to avoid sunburns in unpleasant places. It’s really fun to play around with different effects from the sunlight. Lens flair shadowing your skin and that glamorous “golden hour” glow are just a few of the ways you can use the great outdoors to spice up your aesthetic.

The sun also moves throughout the day so your perfectly framed 2PM shot will look really different at 6PM. If you scout your location ahead of time, try to go at the time of day that you plan to shoot to give yourself a clear picture of what your clip will look like.

Bring A Friend

I shoot almost all of my indoor content solo, but when I’m outdoors, it’s super handy to have an extra set of hands to help me frame shots, keep my equipment safe, and keep an eye out for errant hikers or wildlife.

Roll With The Imperfections

When you’re shooting outdoors, lots of things are out of your control. Bird calls, mosquito bites, a squirrel running into the frame, accidentally splashing your camera lens and not noticing until you’re walking home, all of these things (and more) have messed up footage for me. Sometimes it’s worth a reshoot (that squirrel did not sign a release form!), and other times, the imperfections give your clips a lot of character and authenticity.

Leave No Trace

No, this isn’t the title of my next Scout-inspired clip, it’s an excellent practice to uphold anytime you are in nature. Pack your trash out with you, bury your toilet paper, avoid traipsing on any protected areas, and try to work with nature instead of against it. The great outdoors can be a beautiful backdrop for your next naturist clip, but only if we leave it as beautiful and pristine as we found it.

Clarabelle Woods

Great tips!!! Thanks!

Very good post! Saving this. Thanks for sharing! 

Amazing article, thanks for sharing..

Some great tips to consider when I get to do some outside content Thankyou 😉

Love these tips! I'm looking forward to creating outdoor content soon <3

If anyone is in OHIO and looking for a female photographer I do all my shoots outdoors. <3

Great article!

"make a packing list" THAT! Forget something and you are stranded outdoors and screwed and your shooting is ruined. Thanks for your post, Clarabelle.

Thank you for your help, valuable

Lyra Fae Nov 19

Great tips Clarabelle! :)

Thanks, Lyra! <3

I can’t wait to make more outdoor content once it’s spring! I might risk it and make a couple out in the snow before then.

Dress warmly :P

Lol at the release form comment -p-

gotta stay safe out there!

It is famous text. I think it will help to most of MV stars :-) I like it.

Thank you!

I’m definitely taking these ideas with me on my next outdoor adventure! Thank you Clarabelle for the awesome insight!

My pleasure!

HoneyHex Nov 19

Such good tips, I've been dying to do something outdoors. My weather is the winter wonderland right now. Maybe spring.

Winter Wonderland could be cool too! :D

Great post! The worst for me is the dang mosquitos haha

The mosquitoes were horrible for the shoot from the main picture in this article! In the video, you can definitely see a few bites, but I figure that makes it more realistic :P

I've wanted to record/take pics outside for so long, but I can't find a good spot to do it 😭 great post anyways ❤️

Thank you!

Love it!!! ❤️❤️

Thanks :)

Such an awesome post, Clarabelle~!

Thank you, Wren! <3

So been dying to do a scene in the nature reserve near me! Love the outdoors too <3

Good luck! <3

Packing List is ESSENTIAL! Awesome read!


Thanks for all the tips <3<3

My pleasure!


thank you!

Thanks for publishing this, MV! <3 This is my current favorite outdoor clip: www.manyvids.com/Video/936119/Risky-Outdoor-Forest-Orgasm/

If only I were brave as you! Great article from an awesome star 💕

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