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Flexibility, options, and the best possible user experience is what ManyVids is all about. That’s why we’re thrilled to be highlighting an exciting option MV Members have for making purchases on our platform: Cryptocurrencies.  

The world’s fastest growing method for online purchases is available on MV and Members can use Crypto to purchase everything we have to offer, from vids to store items–you can get it all using this currency. And the options available to you are not limited, as we accept Bitcoin and over 50 Altcoins including popular currencies like XRP, Ethereum, and Litecoin!! 

Why buy fantastic vids, services, and MV Gear you love so much using Crypto? This payment method is well-suited for those who wish to retain a certain level of privacy. On top of that, you don’t need any physical payment cards and a host of billing details to make the payment. 

To be clear we’re not replacing any of the payment options we have right now, they’re not going anywhere, we’re just highlighting this exciting alternative so that MV Members know that you have even more choices! 

For an in-depth breakdown on how to use this payment method, please click here to read our FAQ on paying with Crypto!

Featured MV Stars: Aley Gomez, Beccapanda, TSRachaelBelle

joandoe Jun 27

are there any recommendation of which cryptocurrency website that support manyvids transactions? (i am asking this because i don't want security track down the transaction trace)

Oh! that's wonderful!

Aria Parker Jul 2020

Yesss ManyVids crypto is the future!

I'm happy to hear that one of the payout options is Crypto. Which Crypto app is the best credible app? Cos i heard there are many scammers out there.

Siperg1 Jun 2019


Selina Kyl Jun 2019

yay for more choices!

hearath6 Feb 2020

Choose me

This is amazing! Crypto is a groundbreaking technology, and people will feel more safe using it to make their payments.  I just wish us, MV Stars, could receive our payments in crypto aswell. This would make everything so much faster and easier for all of us. But hell yeah, way to go MV <3

Awesome! Crypto is such a great way for people to pay. Makes them feel more at ease  with the complete anonymity of it.

It would be awesome for MV Stars to be able to get payouts in crypto too though. If MV is able to receive crypto I don't imagine it should be a big technical issue for them to be able to send it too. I assume though it's a question of them retaining accountability of exactly where and to whom they're paying out money.
In any case, it would be a really great option for us models to receive payment in crypto, I hope that becomes available in the future!

Exactly. I guess if more people, models, creators, studios, people comment here in this way, MV will take it more seriously, too.. This is needed.

CamGirlJade deleted Jun 2019

Thank you for this and I didn't come here to ask for more. :) #grateful



VictoriaVeritas deleted Jun 2019


Ebonycamgirl deleted Jun 2019

That's great!
But how about MV give models cryptocurrency payout option too.
Would be more appreciated!

exactly!! This!!

KISHOR1234 Jun 2019

And you help

KISHOR1234 Jun 2019

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spanishstar Jun 2019

It would be fantastic if it were possible to withdraw in crypto too<3<3<3

Thankyou for seeking more payment methods, this only opens the door to more customers on MV! Great work! <3 <3 <3

Oh wow! That’s so cool!

Tasha Taiga Jun 2019

It would be very good, if it were possible to withdraw in cryptocurrency. ^.^

You have all and you are almost the only one who could / would be able to do it properly and can benefit from it, nicely, while kindly sharing the future here. I don´t know much about Canadian laws but you would establish a sister company for this and or run this project as a side project and might adopt the currency you create as another utility token for the platform. Future is here and soon like the diesel engine, cash will be removed from the planeth earth. Let´s be a part of what´s REALLY going on and let´s benefit from the flow. All of us, all creators, all users of MV could benefit from it in many ways and levels.

Thank you. Although this is not a new thing for MV (it´s been there for years and thank you for that, too) surely to announce it a good idea to let people know about it. In other news, why don´t you (MV) create its own Crypto Currency? It would be a game changer. I made it for myself, as LEONSCOIN and built a company for another crypto currency, made two ICO´s and as an experienced person in this area who know about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple since 2012 and dealth with them like from mining to trading and so on for years, I must say this: DO IT. Change the game.

JizZeeD123 Jun 2019

I am a builder and had my work stolen from me because it made millions. We rescued most of the funds but now catching and patching it all up.

Great JD.. what you have built?? A currency?? what is stolen?

KingMarti Jun 2019

But what would be the benefit of Manyvids having it's own crypto token? As far as I can see it wouldn't provide any benefit over using something that is already available which would make it pointless, there are already enough pointless shitcoins around that have no benefit and no need to exisit.

Exactly, KM! I couldn´t agree anymore on pointless coins and their numbers.. What makes a coin or token usable, or valuable, or a currency, or money? The back up. For example, why is USD valuable? Because of people, countries, trade, and it has a backup of military, too. Long story. Why many pointless coins are pointless? Because they have no people to use them, they have nothing to back up, they have no trade options, like I have SURGE, for 2000 USD valued in my WAVES Wallet, waiting for months as there´s nobody´s buying. So, there must be some demand to buy. Now, back to our case below (character limit) >>

Point 1, MV says 2.4 million active members which is a great start for adoption of its own crypto currency. Point 2, there might be an ICO (an ITO, indeed, initial Token Offering) and MV benefit of some millions of "new" funds for them to use on new stuff, new equipment, new live shows, new ideas to make them more advanced and put them first place or on top somewhere in adult industry or at least much better and advanced place than their rivals. It means benefits for all, users, creators, studios, etc. For a simple and another detail, it may offer 70% instead of 60% in payouts or 10% more dicount to users if they pay in MV Token (I found the name, so is I´m the father) >>

I try to come to your question more directly but in between I have to explain a few important points, and there are plenty of benefits and advantages I cannot put here already in a few paragraphs. I skip them and try to answer "why it has to or should be available" part. MV might offer new creators a % of the tokens if they create this much or that quality content like partners and in return as the MV Token would be used already on the platform, for example for live chat sessions, and or any other type of token usable transactions, in time it will be rare (if not mintable, I mean if there will be a fixed supply in beginning, which is easy and standard) It means an investment opportunity for all of us, like from 2012-2013 having Ripple, or Ethereum already to buy

Also if you get USD and pay in your token, you don´t have to buy Ethereum and or Bitcoin to send or pay people in Ethereum or Bitcoin, no? Studios or models would prefer getting paid in crypto as the crypto payments are non-reversable, so if in a Stellar based custom MV Token for example, user pays, model gets her or his money in a few seconds right after the payment. Imagine in a live chat session you have money as model almost instantly. Why should I not use it? There will be demand I know so that I will try to have the token, and try to advertise it to make people use it. That is also free advertising for models, for me, for you. Benefits are limitless. If you create a token by yourself, I would be doubtful but if MV does it I would know there would be a professional team and if they could do it properly, as I said, there are benefits for all of us.

Caitie Rage Jun 2019

This is not news. MV has accepted crypto for years. Can we get a digital currency payout option? THAT would be cool especially if people are spending it on us. I love me some BTC

KingMarti Jun 2019

Second this, BTC is my preferred payment method on any platform.

Ksu Colt Jun 2019


ImMeganLive Jun 2019


CarlaGrace deleted Jun 2019

I'm all about the Hodl

Great! :)

OmankoVivi Jun 2019

Whoa, this is really neat!!! I still haven't played much with crypto currency, but now I'm super enticed...

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