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Hey can you message me about a video?
Hey! Could you message me please? :)
Do you remember the first time you saw the Shire in the Lord of the Rings? It is just like you imagined it, only infinitely better. That's how Josefin's custom videos are. Absolutely fire.
Josefin is an amazing creator. She creates exactly the kind of scene you want, but doesn't just blandly read off a script. She brings a wonderful energy and creativity to the project. Can't recommend highly enough.
Hey loves! Please do not comment on my order form asking me to message you about a custom unless you are serious about ordering. If I DM you and you don't respond at all I may block you so I don't need to waste my time again in the future lol. Thanks! <3
Love the outcome of my custom project. She’s focused on clear communication to achieve customer satisfaction. I enjoyed the collaboration.
My custom from Josefin was perfect. She is an amazing performer and really delivers on the kinks. I have an unconventional kink but Josefin leaned right into it like she had done it 100 times. She puts in a lot of effort and creativity, and that extends to her production values. Highly recommend ordering a custom from her!
Whatever you expect when you order a custom from Josefin, she will exceed those expectations. The thought and care out into every video is obvious, and she always stays true to the heart of your story. There can be no better.
Josefin is the absolute best!  The custom video I ordered turned out even better than I could imagine (and even though I knew she was wonderful already, she still managed to exceed my expectations).  She is such a joy to work with and just seemed to know the vibe I was going for despite my original pitch being a bit of a nightmare to decipher (sorry joey).  I cannot recommend her highy enough.
Joey X is the bomb! I have nothing but praise and admiration for her efforts in going above and beyond with a recent custom that I had ordered from her. I had an idea for my vid that I was really excited about, yet was still kind of unsure about how well it would actually translate and work in this setting, but she took my idea and ran with it and turned it into smth special, exceeding even my own hopes and expectations! She took the time all the way through the whole process to make sure that all of the details were done right. I had so much fun working with her on our vid and I can’t recommend her enough and will definitely be coming back for more!